Garage Storage


SlatWall is excellent for de-cluttering, organizing and displaying any item usually stored in the garage, with a large variety of shelving, hooks, baskets and accessories. From lawn equipment, bicycles, ladders and much more we have the accessories to hang your garage items safely and securely.

The SlatWall panel system is designed to help homeowners reclaim the floor by maximizing wall storage capacity and flexibility. These robust panels are built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity; perfect for typical garage conditions.

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WallTrack does what SlatWall does at a fraction of the cost. Using the same multitude of shelves, hooks, baskets and accessories. WallTrack is great for freeing up valuable garage floor space and maximizing wall storage capacity.

The versatility of Walltrack makes it a great choice for not only the garage but also laundry rooms, offices, sheds and any other room in your home.

Just like SlatWall the WallTrack attaches to bare wood studs, drywall over wood studs and directly to masonry walls for fast and versatile mounting options.

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GridWall is great for transforming your garage. The rigid welded grid design fits a multitude of organizers for hanging just about everything you have in your garage. The accessories simply hook onto the wire grid from the front. GridWall is built tough to withstand the extreme conditions of your garage. The grid is MIG welded steel rod and then poweder coated tough for the durable finish.

The GridWall can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

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