Concrete Resurfacing

Driveways, Pool Decks & More

Does your exterior concrete driveway look similar to this?  Are you ready to transform the concrete that surrounds your home?  Your Garage Floor can help!  Our manufactured resin systems are UV stable and have superior adhesion.  Our special blend of polymers used result in an ultra flexible product that has the ability to move and flex with the concrete.


Durable Coatings

Our coatings can be used on all the concrete around your home for a durable long lasting surface.  We start every project by grinding the surface to clean any and all imperfections and grime.  This is followed by a moisture vapor barrier, and a polymer coating that flake chips are broadcasted into.  Finally we coat the entire surface in a durable, chemical and UV resistant clear coat.  The results?  take a look below.

This same process can be used to resurface your patio, pool deck, lanai and walkways.  Whatever concrete surface you have that looks less than appealing, can be transformed into a thing of beauty.  Choose from dozens of color combinations to truly create stunning curb appeal.  

Don't rip or paint your concrete!  Choose Your Garage Floor for all your concrete resurfacing needs.

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