Paver Sealing

Clean & Seal

Cleaning & sealing pavers for your driveway, patio or pool deck is typical maintenance that really brings back the curb appeal to your home.  Pavers are expensive, our economical clean and seal service protects your investment so it doesn’t become faded and moldy.  Our professional team will fully clean your pavers or driveway, then seal with a powerful sealer, bringing back the rich color to your pavers. Choose from high or low sheen sealers that protect your pavers and concrete from oil and mildew staining.

Benefits of Paver Sealing

Mold & Algae Inhibitor

Our sealers naturally inhibit the growth of mold and algae.  Ever notice that where ever water comes off your roofline or near your gutter spouts is dark and slippery?  This is due to excessive moisture penetrating your pavers.  Sealing helps stop this water penetration thus stopping the problem at it’s source.

Color Enhancement

Unsealed pavers look faded and drab, sealing brick pavers enhances and darkens the color back to what they looked like when new.  Pavers take a beating with constant sunlight, our sealers protect against UV and keep your pavers looking new.  Choose from low gloss natural or wet look.

Are your pavers dirty, worn and faded?  Protect your investment today!  Give us a call, we will be happy to give you a free estimate and discuss your project!