Metallic Epoxy

Designer Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy floor coatings are a hot new trend that is both attractive and durable. These coatings create a glossy and deep looking floor with a variety of colors and visual effects.  Depending on application, we create a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that give the illusion of craters, ripples, peaks/valleys and swirling rivers of what sometimes looks like liquid hot magma.  This choice is great if you are thinking about redo-ing your existing concrete/tile/laminate/carpet.

Say NO MORE to:

  • Smelly, stained carpet
  • Clean and sealing grout lines
  • Tile cleaning
  • Dusting concrete
  • Ugly laminate


Our designer metallic pigments are mixed with 100% solids epoxy which self levels over several hours. These floors are perfect for garages, man caves, fem dens, residential flooring, retail establishments, night clubs, and automotive showrooms.

The use of the high-performance epoxy make Your Garage Floor's metallic epoxy system an exceptionally durable floor system.  If you desire even more durability choose a ultra high gloss polyurea topcoat for added protection.  We have a saying when you get a floor installed by Your Garage Floor, and that's WARNING:  Your floor may cause extreme envy.

Call Your Garage Floor today for your FREE consultation to have a metallic epoxy floor installed in your home or business.  We guarantee you wont be disappointed in the unique designs we create!