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Receiving Quotes

Just like any other trade, business or service, we are called to customers home to answer questions, look at their project and ultimately give them information and an estimate.  A well informed customer is always the best customer.  On many occasions I have been to a customers home, explained our garage flooring process and provided a price.  They say one of two things.  If they are informed on how our process works compared to other professional contractors, they typically say we are priced very competitively amongst the competition.  If they are not as informed, they will say we are much higher compared to Chuck in a truck to stopped by yesterday.

Example, we stopped by one of our happy customer’s home, before she was a customer, and gave her all our info and answered questions.  She actually called just prior to my arrival saying they already accepted a bid from another company, but since I was only a few minutes out we stayed on course.  Our price was nearly double what the other contractor bid, so I asked what their process was, materials being used.  She had no idea, but she did know they did not prep the existing (peeling) coating.  All they would do is clean and put a new coating on top.  Now if we could simply coat over the concrete without prep, our lives would be much easier and I could charge much less.  However, we grind the concrete on every job, ensuring proper adhesion and a long life for our customers.

So although that contractor was 50% less, there is a 100% chance the coating will fail and this will have to be addressed again.  What does that mean for our customers?  They pay twice, they pay more (grinding off multiple layers of coatings), they have to move their items out of the garage AGAIN & they waste their time!  The math never adds up, and honestly, when customers receive extremely low bids they rarely get a good looking garage floor…more often than not it’s a Home Depot style epoxy far inferior to our products.    *Rant over*

Look not everyone wants to spend what we charge for professionally installed garage flooring.  That’s ok, but four out of five of our customers have failed coatings that we are re-doing.  Honest advice, either do it yourself and save the money or wait until your budget allows for a professionally installed coating.  One thing about us at Your Garage Floor, we will never sell you something you don’t want.  No hard sell ever.  Honesty, integrity and customer first mentality.   Our next article will be about questions to have ready for your project, be informed and put your contractor through the ringer!

If you are ready for a new garage floor installation in the Southwest Florida area, give us a call.  If you are not in this area, still give us a call for proper DIY kits or for more information.