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Concrete prep is by far the most crucial step in an epoxy coating installation.  Without it, an epoxy coating will fail regardless of quality products.  In most cases, we come behind a poor installation that is peeling, chipping or flaking and have to re-do the work correctly.  Here's what you should know...

Acid Etching

Etching your concrete by using muriatic acid or similar is a means to prep concrete.  Is it good?  We don't think so, but it's better than nothing at all.  Etching essentially is acid that reacts with the concrete to create a profile for coatings to adhere to.


  • Well, it's better than nothing.  That's about it.
  • Creates light profile, if any
  • Cheap


  • Can only be done to un-coated concrete.
  • Has to be completely neutralized or will delaminate a coating
  • Creates a CSP-1 profile, very little to no profile created
  • Stains driveways/pavers if not neutralized

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting a great way to create surface profile for your concrete coating.  "Shot" is blasted from a machine that passes over the concrete.  The shot as it's called is a metal media that aggressively obliterates the top layer of concrete creating a clean porous surface.


  • Creates an aggressive CSP-3/4 heavy profile
  • Relatively easy cleanup


  • Too aggressive for garage coatings
  • Typically will have to be ground down again to smooth out the surface
  • Experience required


Grinding the surface with an industrial grinder and diamond tooling is the most common form of concrete prep from a professional installer.  Grinders hooked up to vacuum systems run over the surface of the concrete with differing diamond grits ranging from 6-60 for surface prep.  We use 30 grit for all of our floors which opens up the floor and also creates a smooth surface for the epoxy to adhere to.


  • Creates a smooth porous surface
  • Controllable profile


  • Requires industrial vacuums
  • Multiple tooling and experience required

Bottom line when it comes to garage epoxy floors.  Choose a professional that chooses shot blasting (with additional grind) or grinding with industrial grinders and vacuums for your project.  These methods create the best profile for your coating to adhere to.  If your contractor is not using one of these two methods, we would recommend you steer clear, unless you're ready to do your floor twice.

We will speak on repairing concrete before installing a coating as well as best materials in another post.

Take care folks!





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