Garage Epoxy Cost

Garage Epoxy Cost

It all comes down to budget, we offer a premium product with professional installation, however if we are not within your budget you won't use our services.  Let's break down the cost of a professional installation of a garage floor epoxy.


Premium, quality materials are used on every job.  We use a moisture vapor barrier on all jobs, regardless if moisture vapor emissions are low or high.  This ensures a good night sleep for us, and more importantly our customers.  We fully broadcast our decorative flake to rejection, meaning all the color and about 50lbs of flake is used for a typical two car garage.  Flake to rejection means a more durable system and it looks more uniform and even.  Our clear coat is a super high solids polyaspartic gloss coat.  Polyaspartics are extremely durable, somewhat difficult to install by DIY'ers or handyman type installation and are quite expensive.  And because we flake to full rejection, this means we have to use more clear coat to grout the flake chips in place.


Professional preparation includes diamond grinding or shot blasting the concrete to clean and open up the pores of the concrete to accept the coating.  This is the recommended way of preparation by all major brands of coating manufacturers, minus big box store type epoxy.  Acid etching is somewhat easier, however it is mediocre prep at best, and can fail if not properly neutralized or cleaned, and may even discolor pavers when washed out.  If a contractor says they are acid etching I would be cautious of not only improper prep but also the brand and experience they have.

Garage Epoxy Cost

Garage epoxy cost between $3-5 per square foot for professionally preparation and premium materials.

Let's run a scenario: 400 sqft garage

Contractor A

  • Charges $800 @ $2 per foot
  • Acid etches, maybe grinds but doubtful
  • Premium products cost around $2 per ft so it's probable it's a lesser product (maybe a paint)
  • Maybe uses a clear, maybe doesn't
  • Flakes or peels after 6 mo to 1 year.
  • Customer wasted $800
  • Garage looks worse than before
  • Coating sticks to shoes and comes in house
  • Customer has to move all items in garage and pay professional pricing, plus removal of failed coating

Contractor B

  • Charges $1400 @ $3.50 per foot
  • Grinds and preps concrete professionally
  • Uses premium products
  • Uses premium clear coat
  • Gives you warranty on delamination
  • Customer is happy 🙂

Look....this is just a scenario, contractor B might charge you the same but install a poor quality product.  The bottom line is contractor A, at that price, is never going to deliver a premium product.  But always do your due diligence with contractor B as well (license, insurance, past work, make sure photos are theirs, reviews, etc. etc.)

Here's my thought, if you want a premium coating but it's not in your budget now...hold off and save a few weeks or a month or whatever until you can.  Going with lesser prep and product is virtually throwing $$ down the drain.  Start cleaning and organizing your garage in the meantime getting ready for that PRO coating, hopefully done by Your Garage Floor of SW Florida.

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