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Garage Floor Coatings

Concrete floors if not sealed properly create dust, are dark and stain easily.  The concrete may be damaged, pitted and cracked as well.  The garage seems to be the neglected room of the home, storage to rarely used items and garbage.  It’s time to change that!  We are ocd about transforming a dark disorganized garage into something you can be proud of.  We always begin with the floor and work our way up.  Garage floor coatings are a sure way to brighten up your space, and create a surface that easy to clean.  Choose from many different colors to suit your needs and we will take care of the rest.  The best part of installing a new garage floor coating is everything in the garage has to come out.  YIKES!  Sounds like a lot of work huh?  The liberation of cleaning the garage, donating items, selling items or just plain sending your items to the dump is second to none.  Don’t want to do this part?  That’s ok, we have a remove/replace/trash service for you too.

Garage Storage

Let’s face it, in Florida we find the garage to be a catch all for many different items that would be stored in the attic or basement.  Garbage, boxes, tubs, bikes, tools all laying on the ground on the perimeter of your garage.  If you have a true two car garage, it’s probably difficult if not even possible to get in both cars due to these items.  Once your floor is complete, we offer many options for organizing your garage and getting your belongings off the ground.  This creates more room for you to pull into your garage, if you couldn’t before.  Organizing your garage this way creates much more room and usable space.  Choose from cabinets, wall racks, ceiling racks, bike racks and more.

Professional Results

Garage floor coatings

Our garage floor coatings are warranted systems that will not peel, chip or flake.  Don’t worry about hot tire pickup either.  We are a family owned business, offering quality products and installation.  We have the right equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Are you ready to transform your garage from a catch all to clean and organized room you’re proud of?  If you are in the SW Florida area, give us a call at 239-271-3087 Your Garage Floor.