Driveway & Concrete Resurfacing

Driveway, Walkway & Deck Resurfacing


Is the concrete around your home old, worn and needing a refresh?  We can help!  Beyond garages, retail and interior surfaces, we also service driveway resurfacing, patio, walkway and pool decks as well.  Concrete in Florida takes a beating with constant heat and UV exposure.  We have several options to choose from to bring your concrete back to life.  Resurfacing will bring life back to your floor!

CoatingsDriveway resurfacing Naples Florida

Coatings like quartz or flake are an excellent choice as a wear surface on driveways, patios and pool decks.  Our industrial strength products will not peel, chip or flake and can truly take the florida elements.  This is typically a cost effective solution to revamp the concrete surrounding your home.  Dozens of colors give you the control you want when deciding on a surface.  Give us a call and a representative will discuss the options you have and how the process works.


OverlayConcrete resurfacing Naples fl

Concrete overlay is another great option when it comes to resurfacing your worn concrete.  The most typical option our customers think about, our overlays are customizable with stain and optional patterns.  Versatile in design, our concrete overlay systems are durable for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

PaintingConcrete resurfacing

As simple as it sounds, a new acrylic deck paint is sometimes all that is needed to freshen up your space.  This will be the most cost effective solution available.  Choose from multiple colors to transform your patios, lanai and pool decks.


Driveway Resurfacing Prep Work

As is with any wear surface, preparation is the highest importance.  Depending on the application, prep work can range from pressure washing to grinding and crack repair.  Regardless of the job, rest assured that we will prep the concrete correctly and using only the highest quality materials.  More often than not, we like to use higher end primers and sealers to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve.  Do it once, do it right!