Epoxy Coatings

Decorative Epoxy Flake

Decorative chip floors are the most sought after epoxy coatings system we install.  These floors are bulletproof and are simply great to look at.  Although we have many systems, most of our customers choose our warranted epoxy system that uses a vapor barrier epoxy as it's base.  Using this premium epoxy allows us to warrant your floor from peeling, flaking and hot tire pickup.

Some contractors use a polyaspartic material as it's base...the trouble with polyaspartics as a base coat is that they do not stop moisture related issues in the concrete.  Using a vapor barrier, flake, and then a polyaspartic clear coat is the sure way to make sure your new floor will not chip, flake, peel or succumb to hot tire pick up!

Why Choose a Flake Floor?

Your Garage Floor's flake epoxy system is a customer favorite due to it's durability , customization and overall appearance.  Not only do our installers create stunning floors, our epoxy is 4 times stronger than our leading competitors.  A flake floor hides dirt and cleans up easily with either a leaf blower or a micro fiber pad.  Our products do not yellow in sunlight and are also extremely abrasion and chemical resistant.


1.  Diamond Grind

• Diamond Grind

• Fill Cracks

• Apply Epoxy & Flake

• Apply Clear Top-Coat

This process allows us to stand behind each and every job we do, with our end goal of customer satisfaction in mind.  Are you ready to transform Your Garage Floor? Give us a call today, we are happy to take your call and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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